Friday, February 22, 2019

The price of denial: When disabilities aren't dealt with

My husband and I have seen this with our own eyes.

The parents refuse to acknowledge that their child has a disability and/or they choose to shelter/protect their child rather than helping the child learn to deal with their challenges, and the child gets no special education and/or treatment (as appropriate).  They use their connections to help their child get into and/or through school and/or college.

Result:  The child never learns to cope with their challenges, and never becomes truly self-supporting, always relying on their parents to help them with their careers and/or to assist them financially.

As I said, my husband and I have seen this with our own eyes.

One such child was sheltered all of their life and unable to manage their own financial affairs.  Unable to keep a job, they started a business that did not enable them to be completely self-supporting, and depended on their parents to supplement their income.  When they lost that business through no fault of their own, they were unable to obtain anything but sporadic freelance work, and ran through their entire inheritance in less than 5 years because they continued living in the manner in which they had lived for decades rather than doing whatever was necessary to at least try to live within their means.  That person ended up homeless.  (Now hospitalized, they are finally getting at least some of the treatment that they probably should have been getting since early childhood.)

Another such child is now president of the United States.

Judging by what I've seen on televised news and/or read in print or online, it appears that Trump may not actually have been as successful in the real estate and/or construction business as he claims--he seems to have been bailed out by his late father whenever he ran into business and/or financial difficulties, and seems to have earned most of whatever money he really has by figuring out how to "game" the media and become a celebrity.  I also wonder how a person who clearly hates to read and has no interest in learning even got admitted to the prestigious Wharton School of Business, much less earned a degree from it.  (Money and/or connections talk[s]?  That's how our homeless friend graduated from college without necessarily fulfilling all of the standard requirements.)

And now, this country is stuck with a president who has absolutely no interest in learning how to do the job for which he was elected, not only because he hates to read, but also because he actually believes that he already knows everything he needs to know about just about anything (been there, blogged that?).  

And like our homeless friend, he thinks he's perfectly normal.

What really startles me, and what inspired this post, is that many people other than Trump also think that Trump is perfectly normal.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

wow. You start off with a legitimate point and the go off the rails. I'm not a huge Trump fan but your analogy is as stupid as his hairdo.

Mon Feb 25, 03:19:00 PM 2019  
Blogger Shira Salamone said...

What's so stupid about it? It's perfectly obvious that Trump hates to read and refuses to accept advice from experts because, as he himself said in his nomination speech, “I alone can fix it.” He seems to think that he's omniscient and infallible. As I stated in my linked post, I've seen Oppositional Defiant Disorder close up. Have you?

Sat Mar 02, 09:14:00 PM 2019  
Blogger Shira Salamone said...

Often loses temper
Often argues with family and coworkers
Actively defies or refuses to comply with rules and laws
Deliberately annoys people
Blames others for his or her mistakes or misbehavior
Easily annoyed by others
Angry and resentful

Thu Mar 07, 12:00:00 PM 2019  

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